While reading @davatron5000’s recent Vibe Check, he mentions uninstalling Twitter for iOS as a way of avoiding temptation to get pulled in to the drama & arguments:

All the Web3 hype (as well as Politics Twitter) actually made me uninstall Twitter from my iPad and iPhone… and I kind of love it. I’m unplugged from the outrage machine and it’s much quieter. Stomping the urge to reinstall the app or log in from Mobile Safari for some dumb tweet is the hardest part, but I’m so far successful.

Which reminded me of how I (think I?) had set up Micro.blog as a way of posting to Twitter without having to actually open up Twitter. Might have to revisit this over the winter when I’m more likely to lay on the couch and mindlessly scroll Twitter instead of doing something moderately more productive with my time.

I’m not too drawn into politics or the outrage machine - for me it’s the social validation and interactions of posting a good tweet or photo, and then hoping for likes or replies.

Now let’s see where this post ends up. :)