I, and others, have been motivated to blog more simply because of Chris Coyier’s recent uptick of posts on his own blog.

I appreciate his recent post reminding everyone that there is no bar you have to attain before you hit publish:

I’d like to write better individual blog posts, but something has always compelled me to punt out a thought early rather than wait until I have some perfect way to present it. And for the record, I don’t mind reading your posts like that either.

This is a big part of my motivation to move my blog off my nerdy Eleventy set up and set everything up with my Micro.blog account. Between the web interface, macOS app, and iOS app - it makes it so much easier for me to fire off a quick tweet style post or something longer like this without having to worry about anything needing to be updated first, or breaking something while trying to simply publish a quick thought.

@manton at Micro.blog has been super helpful trying to sort out my issues moving my blogging archive from ChrisEnns.com into Micro.blog - and once I get that sorted I’ll move this blog off my subdomain to my main site.

For the record I still am really excited about the Jamstack style of publishing websites. I’m just not nerdy enough to be able to maintain a site like that AND have time to publish anything.

A photo of a tent trailer hitch being supported by cement blocks and patio stones in an unstable manner to represent my current blogging platform.