Justin Duke, creator of the great Buttondown email newsletter app, has an “About This Site” for his personal blog that’s a great read and motivator for creating a personal site.

This section jumped out at me as someone who helps create podcasts for a living:

One day, though, I made the mistake of accidentally messing up my syncing on my podcatcher of choice by pulling out my iPad that hadn’t been touched in a few months for a plane ride. For a few bizarre moments, I caught myself listening to episodes that was three months out of date. What started out as a minor annoyance (oh no, I need to spend the next three hours doing crosswords to the sound of silence!) turned into fascination and finally into horror as I realized just how irrelevant the content was — entire swaths of how I spent my day had the shelf-life of a mere fortnight or less.

Obviously I think it’s very healthy to not spend the majority of your day tuned into podcasts, despite the fact that podcasts are what puts food on my family’s table. I also noticed a similar thing happen when I unplugged from the daily or even weekly tech and news podcasts I was subscribed to - not much changed in what I felt I knew, and I had more time to spend on other things - namely editing client podcasts. :)

Via Craig Mod on Twitter.