Nice update to Camo enabling Wi-Fi connections to your iOS device that you’re using as a webcam or Zoom camera. Super easy to add a new device as a camera anywhere your network can reach.

We're excited to be launching Camo 1.9 today, which brings support for wireless&10;connections to devices running both iOS and Android! Find out more about the release.&10;If you run into any problems, please reach out to us at We'd love&10;to help and hear from you.&10;Feature: Connect your iOS or Android device to your computer via Wi-Fi. No more&10;wires!&10;Feature: Camo is now localised in Arabic, our first RTL language.&10;Feature: Full support for macOS Ventura.&10;Fix: We've fixed a bug which meant the Studio Display microphone wouldn't appear in&10;the Mic dropdown in Camo Studio.