From Gruber’s review:

Basically, there are millions of people whose computing needs would be more than met by the MacBook Air but who feel like they probably need a slightly thicker laptop with a fan on the inside and the word “Pro” stamped on the outside because their current ostensibly pro-level laptop — which may well be a MacBook Pro from Apple with Intel inside — struggles under the load of their daily work. It runs hot, the fans scream, and the battery doesn’t last long enough. Switching to this new thinner fan-less MacBook Air from a thicker MacBook Pro that makes frequent, clearly audible, use of its fan sounds like a downgrade. But for the overwhelming majority of Intel-based MacBook Pro users, it’s not. Switching to the new M2 MacBook Air would be the biggest upgrade in their computing lives.

I feel seen. :)

I have a 16" 2019 Intel MBP that’s fairly loaded up that I do my work on, and use a family M1 Mac Mini for processing audio through filters. It’s fine. But the fans on my MBP spin up pretty quickly for a lot of tasks, especially when I need to edit a Learn with Jason episode in Final Cut Pro.

I’ve been thinking that my future Mac work set up lies in getting a Mac Studio at my home office, and a M2 MacBook Air for keeping up with any work the 3 - 5 weeks of the year when I’m not at home because we’re on holidays, or if I want to go work at a coffee shop for a morning.

My personal MacBook Pro is space gray, maxed out (no pun intended) with a 4 TB SSD and 64 GB RAM. In my daily use, this $1,900 MacBook Air feels identical to my $4,700 MacBook Pro.

The M2 MacBook Air with the same 16GB RAM and 1TB storage upgrades runs $2,399+tax in Canadian dollars. Next up, configuring the Mac Studio. 😍