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    Craig Got COVID

    Speaking of Craig Mod, the latest issue of his newsletter #69 (nice!) chronicles him catching COVID (not nice!). This summary should tell you everything you need to know to want to go read the full thing:

    Broken penises, dizziness, isolation, emergency rooms in strange lands. I’ll be thinking about cost — first and second order costs (of which the pandemic itself is one) — the next time I’m set to fly internationally. It’s expensive, so expensive, in so many complex ways. For twenty-eight months I avoided Covid. Then I went abroad and got it almost instantly. That’s not to say the trip wasn’t “worth” it, but it was worth far less than I might have estimated ten years ago. In the end, it was largely — and to a degree, sadly — what I expected out there: Kind of a mess.

    Friday July 15, 2022

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